Post Graduate Inspiration

When I came into Colchester school of arts University a few years ago for a third years final fashion exhibition I was really inspired by the amount of work and the quality as well as the beautiful garment collections which is what inspired me to apply for Colchester school of arts University as a first choice and the fact we got the chance to study both fashion and textiles . When I came to the exhibition a few years ago I picked up some business /post cards  -both being women’s wear collections including print designs by Laura Douglas and Jade-Marie Marchant . I found it really interesting that I decided to pick up just them two cards as one collection is very bright with graphic prints and motifs where the other collection was more subtle and elegant with sheer fabrics , lazar cutting with a monochrome colour palette. I found it inspirational looking  back at the business /post cards as my pre-collection final line up is looking like a mixture of theses two collections with bright motifs and prints inspired by coral reefs and then more subtle , monochrome fabrics mixing structure and elegance in my collection using leather and sheer fabrics like Laura Douglas .

Theses business cards have also inspired design ideas for my own card for the next semester of the final major project (FMP) -to be professional and to get my self noticed in the fashion industry as well as being able to swap and gain contacts . Your business card gives off a first impression of your brand , style and your work so you need to make it memorable so that it will make people pick up your card like I did with Laura Douglas and Jade-Marie Marchant . My goal is to make an memorable collection for the pre-collection and Final Major project . Putting mu all into it with everything I have learnt in the last few years and to give a professional , creative and hard working first impression at new designers.



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