Goddess of the Sea – Final Major project (FMP)

Romantic Seduction , Naturalism and beauty ….

My final major project will explore a fictional myth focusing on the tales and beliefs of the mythical sea creature from the 18th century ,while carrying on my pre-collection’s theme of finding inspiration from under the sea focusing on coral reefs and all their natural wanders ,celebrating beauty as well as the fragile biodiversity of life . My brief will also be celebrating feminine empowerment using the female form to lure sailors to their death. The contrasts will consist of juxtaposing feminine beauty with soft construction details mixed with masculine elements of structured tailoring to resemble the 18th century sailors and royal navy men’s uniforms – women wearing masculine clothing presenting power dressing, mixing historical and contemporary designs together in my collection that will be six outfits . The garments will be focused on inspiration from romantic seduction and the contrasts in men’s and women’s wear  coming together by juxtaposing fabrics ,construction details ,embellishment, prints and an successful colour palette . my final collection will contain elements of women’s wear and men’s wear to design a fashion line up for a luxury women’s collection for A/W 2018.

Aims –

  • Design a women’s collection made up of six outfits
  • Textile designs/prints using in my fashion collection using digital prints as well as hand worked – I want to use a few of my digital prints from pre-collection to link the two briefs together as well as managing my time successfully and professional
  • new hand worked textiles
  • Embellishment
  • professional portfolio
  • Primary and secondary research
  • a strong colour palette
  • Tailoring and advanced pattern cutting
  • constructing lingerie (using underwear and outer wear)

research –

I plan to do in depth secondary and primary research by visiting the cutty sark , the national maritime museum and the royal observatory to find historical garment inspiration from the 18th century focusing on the royal navy uniforms . I will be observing the styles and the construction as well as ranking orders. I want to include the designs in my collection mixing structured ,tailoring into feminine designs. The visit to the cutty sark will be the biggest inspiration for me -looking at textures and masculine shapes as well as getting in the mind set of a sailor . I will be taking inspirational ,primary photographs of nautical rope ,clips ,rigging and sails . I want to also sketch what inspired from the cutty sark focusing on motif ideas for designs in my textile collections.

For more primary research I will be visiting London’s sea life aquarium for under the sea / coral reef  inspiration with colour , shapes , textures and the mood for my feminine textile collection – adding a accessorises collection of feminine scarves.

The V and A also has lots of inspirational 18th century dress in a large exhibition but I have already been heavily inspired by their undressed exhibition which I have already visited – it show cases mens and womens underwear from the 18th century to present day looking at how underwear has influenced garment design using underwear as outerwear which inspired me to include lingerie (bralettes) in my collection to make it seductive.

Fashion , textiles , materials and designer inspiration-

The fashion collection will represent beauty and power dressing , showing strong contrasts .I will produce a womenswear collection mixing print designs and fashion construction , pattern cutting.

I am mostly inspired by Alexander McQueen – my fashion icon along side Altuzarra,Victor and rolf,yukio Kobayashi and Gabriele colangelo inspired in how they use colour, texture and print in there collections.

In my fmp I want my fabrics and prints to be contrasting set in mostly a morochrome colour palette with splashes of colour and metallic sliver that brngs a fresh sense of opulence .

for trims and embellishment I will consider lace, tassels ,elasticated elements , beading and sequins aswell as heavy materials such as metal hoops and clips as fastens . materials and fabrics will be sourced independently through investigations of suppliers and independent sellers.

Muse ,brand and customer –

The collection will be a one off high end ready to wear collection for A/W 2018 featuring hand worked techniques of printing and embellishment work  which would be hard to mass product . the collection will have a real air of British heritage with the tailoring and the nautical theme. I want to send my customers to a fantasy world .

my customer would be a young to middle aged women from a middle to high classed background who is hard working and professional with a well paid job . she likes to let her hair down socializing , she is someone who appreciates fashion and likes to be centre of attention , someone who likes to push boundaries . The women I want to dress will enjoy well made ,unique designer brands and likes a thoughtful meaning or story behind a collection – I want my customer to stand out , some one who is confident and independent.

Learning outcomes –

  • In-depth Research and investigations
  • Developing a creative approach towards fashion and textiles
  • Produce a range of material outcomes – material investigations in fabrics, pattern cutting and construction.
  • selecting and refining a textile and fashion collection
  • making contacts
  • finishing a fashion line up of six outfits for the end of year fashion show and new designers .




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